presentations /7

Picture of the arugula and cilantro taken on 4/29/16

Not much in terms of the physical development of the tank has been happening recently Рlots of maintenance and cleaning etc. Current fatalities consist of two neon tetra and an albino bristlenose pleco, which is certainly unfortunate, but  understandable.
After the ~two week period of cloudiness and haze that usually comes with a new tank, it seems as though the system has stabilized.
The reason the physical system has been at somewhat of a standstill has a lot to do with the focus of the project this term; Spring term is all about community outreach – taking the system and using it to engage with (mostly) students and faculty members. This ranges from giving presentations about the project to various student groups and dedicated audiences (like the NEST presentation) to using the system as a learning tool in various classes.

Another thing I’ve been focusing on recently has been the issue of succession, albeit somewhat lazily. While I’ve yet to meet with Mr. Holley about the issue, I would really love it if the system could survive the summer and return next year as an established part of the Gelb learning toolkit. I spoke with Max Davis about the possibility of not just taking care of it, but using it as a platform for future IPs and other projects, and the overall outlook seemed quite hopeful.

This has been somewhat of a short post, but there hasn’t been much in the way of noteworthy events. Coming up are the first of the class presentations, so expect more information coming soon about how those go.


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