this project:about

what is this project?

The full name of this project is Construction and Study of Integrated Aquaponics System. It’s an independent project hosted by the Abbot Independent Scholars program and funded by a grant given by the Abbot Academy Association, both organizations affiliated with my school, Phillips Academy Andover.

The project itself is centered around aquaponics, and system which combines aquaculture and hydroponics (for more details see aquaponics: the basics). The project consists of two main parts; the first (1) is to construct a fully functioning integrated aquaponics system somewhere in campus. Right now, the system is living in classroom 109 in Gelb Science Center. The second (2) part of the project is to use the system to engage the community in topics such as sustainability, environmental consciousness/activism, and general biology and ecology.

Aquaponics is an incredibly powerful system because it manifests natural systems philosophy in a very simple, physical capacity.


what is this website?

This website,, is essentially a digital platform from which various aspects of this project can be accessed by the community at large. It contains not only documentation of the construction process, but also reflective and informational pieces about the project and aquaponics.


who is involved?

Although I’m currently working on this project alone, there are many to whom I owe thanks: Ms. Milkowski, my project mentor and long time indulge-er of my aquaponics antics. Dr. McCloskey, who oversees and helps with the digital portfolio of this project. The Abbot Academy Association, for their generous funding. The Abbot Independent Scholars Program, for sanctioning this project and allowing me to incorporate it within my academic curriculum.


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